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Welcome to the a1guitar AND Musicwide, the Musician's FREE Resources page. We've got tons of guitar stuff here, including guitar lessons, lyrics, audio downloads ( MIDI & mp3) and information on equipment. We also have links to help you with getting gigs, getting signed to a record label, finding other musicians, or even starting your own label. Almost all of this stuff is FREE, or mostly free, although we've included some links to some of the better music stores and sales sites. I will keep looking for the best guitar sites to include here, so bookmark it and keep coming back. The best sites in the index are marked with !!! so make sure to check those out...

Check out our START PAGE!!!, a page specifically designed to be the starting page for your browser.... with updated guitar news and quick links to important guitar and songwriting places... its meant to load quick and provide a great start for your searches. Let us know what else you would like added to the START PAGE.

Please send us any guitar-related questions, or comments to CONTACTINFO. You can also Add your own Link. We'd love to hear from you about ANYTHING relating to the site. We will basically include anything that gets sent in, as long as it qualifies as useful and free (or at least partially) to the users of this site, isn't in violation of copyright laws, and doesn't include obscene or racist materials (so kids can use the site, too)...

Most of all, please enjoy the site.


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